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Further Training

After the completion of Basic Training Part 1, therapists may attend specialty trainings to further their knowledge in certain areas or client populations, like the Recent Trauma Episode & Group- Trauma Episode training, EMDR with Children and EMDR & Addiction training. 

Following the Completion of Basic Training, therapists are encouraged to attend further trainings that focus on skills needed to use EMDR with more dissociative clients, like the Masterclass by Roger Solomon or the EMDR & Dissociation training (see below).

Another way to enhance your knowledge of EMDR therapy is becoming an Accredited EMDR Practitioner, an Accredited Case Consultant (supervisor) and Accredited Trainer.

Speciality Training


EMDRNZ has hosted international EMDR presenters like Dolores Mosquera in 2019 for a 2 day workshop 'EMDR - the Progressive Approach’, Mark Grant (2021) on EMDR & Pain, Debra Wesselman & Ann Potter (2022) on ‘Attachment focussed EMDR' etc. 


Other regular trainings offered in New Zealand are:



All these trainings are approved by EMDRNZ.


Watch our Events page for upcoming speciality training events, including our Conference in November 2023 with workshops with Robin Shapiro and Ad De Jongh.

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