Practitioners are available in many locations throughout NZ. Please view practitioners list for locations.

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Case Consultation

An integral component of the EMDR Institute Basic Training is the follow-up Case Consultation with any Institute Accredited Case Consultant who is also a facilitator. You can fulfil the minimum 5 hours after Part 1 and again after Part 2 either by attending an all day group session, or individually, usually in hourly increments, either in person, by phone or via Skype.

There are 5 accredited Case Consultants in New Zealand.  All offer Individual, Skype and group case consultation.  Their contact details are:

To find out more details or book individual or group Case Consultation, either check our Upcoming Case Consultation Dates Page, or contact one of the 5 Accredited Case Consultants.

If no group is advertised in your locality, you may like to contact individual consultants to enquire if they are able to run a group in your area.

If you have undertaken Institute based training, you may of course get your case consultation from Institute Accredited consultants anywhere in the world. In the past, some New Zealanders have taken advantage of this and have had Skype case consultation from consultants in Australia and the USA.