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  • Can you please recommend a therapist in my area?
    Unfortunately we don’t make specific recommendations for individual clinicians. Please check our website for available therapists in your area, you might also find if they are registered with ACC in their profile.
  • I have concerns about my EMDR therapist, what can I do?"
    EMDRNZ is an association that clinicians trained in EMDR can join, but we also require all clinicians to be full members of their professional body, depending whether they are a counsellor, psychologist, psychotherapist etc. (e.g. NZAC, NZPSs, NZCCP, PBANZ). As we are just a small, voluntary organisation we refer any concerns about a clinician’s practice to these body, as they have well established pathways to address concerns and complaints. Our suggestion would be to take up your concerns directly with the therapist and to contact their professional registration body (e.g. if they are a psychologist, the NZ Psychologists Board) if you can’t resolve the matter with her /him directly.
  • Can EMDR be used for disorders or problems other than Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)?
    While EMDR has been recognised by the WHO as gold standard treatment for PTSD, there is also research that shows it to be very effective with other problems or disorders. Any difficulties linked to a disturbing life experience (other than physical consequences), can be something EMDR is effective for.
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