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Time & Location

24-26 July 2020
Online Event

About the Event

Turbocharged by Corona, this workshop now online will transform your practice, 

offering a unique opportunity to learn, at warp speed, how to deliver remote EMDR

especially for more complex clients , with full facilitated pairwork using Zoom’s

online breakout rooms

You’ll learn:

• The role of attachment at the root of most client presentations;

• Rich and creative approaches to Phase 2 resourcing;

• Proactive use of bridging/floatback to identify key EMDR targets;

• Imaginal interweaves for focused & effective processing;

• The central importance of session structure;

• And, working with intergenerational trauma, ego states & dreams.

EMDR Focus trialled this training online in April, with very positive feedback:

Mark’s passion for working in an attachment informed way is inspiring and his

depth of knowledge immense.

Really will make a huge difference to my w ork and understanding myself. EMDR

now fits in to my model and I can relate to it so much more.

The teaching on integrative EMDR was incredibly valuable and has had an

immediate impact on my practice with very powerful effects.

My enthusiasm for EMDR has been re vitalised completely. The novel use of

technology was done skilfully and it worked v e ry well indeed.

For more information or to book, visit EMDRFOCUS.COM/WORKSHOPS