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EMDRNZ Accredited Training 

The EMDRNZ Association is affiliated with EMDR Asia and the worldwide alliance of national EMDR associations.


EMDRNZ aims to  promote and support EMDR as a treatment modality in New Zealand by:

  • providing standards and guidelines for education

  • providing training and professional practice of EMDR in New Zealand

  • undertaking accreditation of therapists and trainers

  • promoting public awareness of EMDR and supporting research into the effectiveness of EMDR


All Basic trainings listed on the EMDRNZ website meet the standards and requirements of EMDRNZ. 

Accredited EMDR Practitioners and EMDRNZ Case Consultants have all met the requirements for accreditation. 


To learn more about accreditation or to understand the accreditation pathways, click to view the Accreditation Criteria

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