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EMDRNZ Accredited Training 

The EMDRNZ Association is affiliated with EMDR Asia and the worldwide alliance of national EMDR associations.


EMDRNZ aims to  promote and support EMDR as a treatment modality in New Zealand by:

  • providing standards and guidelines for education

  • providing training and professional practice of EMDR in New Zealand

  • undertaking accreditation of therapists and trainers

  • promoting public awareness of EMDR and supporting research into the effectiveness of EMDR


All Basic trainings listed on the EMDRNZ website meet the standards and requirements of EMDRNZ. 

Accredited EMDR Practitioners and EMDRNZ Case Consultants have all met the requirements for accreditation. 

EMDRNZ Accredited Clinician


Accredited EMDR Clinicians have demonstrated their on-going proficiency in EMDR practice.  They are required to meet set criteria including:


  • One year clinical practice of EMDR after completion of basic training

  • Completion of a minimum of 50 EMDR sessions

  • Have treated a minimum number of 25 clients

  • Undertaken a minimum of 20 hrs clinical supervision with an EMDR NZ Consultant, which includes witnessing the applicant's EMDR clinical work through a video recording or in-vivo

  • Supplied 2 references, one from an EMDRNZ Consultant and the second from a person who can comment about the applicant's professional practice and standing. 

  • Be a member of the EMDRNZ Association


EMDRNZ Accredited Case Consultants

EMDRNZ  Accredited Case Consultants have met the following requirements:

  • a minimum of 3 years experience in EMDR as an Accredited EMDR Clinician

  • have treated a broad range of diagnoses and complexity of clients

  • have completed a minimum of 300 EMDR sessions

  • have treated a minimum of 75 clients

  • participated in consultation of consultation for a minimum of 20 hrs by an EMDR consultant

  • participate in regular supervision of their EMDR clinicial work

  • have undertaken a minimum of 24 hours of EMDR related Continuous Professional Development since finishing Basic Training

  • Submitted a minimum of three video recordings or in-vivo sessions of an EMDR clinical session, an individual EMDR clinical supervision session, and a group EMDR clinical supervision.


To learn more about accreditation or to understand the accreditation pathways, click to view the Guidelines for EMDRNZ Accreditation Process and Accreditation Criteria

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