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Eligibility for EMDR Basic Training


EMDR therapy is an advanced psychological therapy requiring a range of skills, conceptual thinking and relevant clinical experience.

To be considered for EMDR Basic Training, all applicants must:

  • Be a mental health professional with full registration or membership with their professional body. Provisional membership is insufficient.

  • Have an Honours Degree/Post Graduate Diploma or higher in mental health (NZQA level 8 minimum).

  • Have training that includes specific structured psychological interventions such as CBT, DBT etc.


  • Hold a current case load with supervised practice in a mental health setting.

  • Have worked 2 years full time or part time equivalent.

Ultimately, it will be the trainer who decides if you are ready to begin the EMDR Basic Training.


Please note that the EMDRNZ Association sets the minimum criteria for training eligibility and each trainer can add to these as they see fit.

If you do not meet the academic qualification criteria

You may like to check the list of suitable trainings* which may assist you in working towards being considered for Basic Training in EMDR. Please click here to see the list.

Such training would entail the level of critical thinking that the robust training of EMDR demands of you.

*It is your responsibility to check year on year if these trainings are still appropriate for being considered for EMDR Therapy Training. The courses would entail sufficient practicum and supervised practice, leading to membership or registration.

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