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Overview of Basic Training 

Welcome to our overview of the EMDR Basic Training, a transformative programe designed to equip registered mental health practitioners with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively utilise EMDR therapy.

The EMDR Basic Training  (both Part 1 and 2) is restricted to registered mental health practitioners who treat adults, teens and/or children in a clinical setting (see Training Eligibility).

Membership and accreditation with the EMDRNZ Association is only available for clinicians who undertake their EMDR Therapy training with a Trainer who is accredited by EMDRNZ. The list of those accredited trainers is available here.

EMDR Basic Training Process

EMDR Therapy is a comprehensive psychotherapy that accelerates the treatment for a wide range of difficulties and self esteem issues related to disturbing events and current life issues. The Basic Training course is a mix of theoretical and experiential training which seeks to familiarise participants with a broad spectrum of EMDR therapy applications to allow for the comfortable and efficient use of EMDR therapy with a wide range of clients and situations.  Because EMDR is a specialised approach to therapy it requires supervised training for full therapeutic effectiveness and client safety.  The training consists of lectures, live and videotaped demonstrations and supervised practise. Accredited trainers have passed rigorous competency based examinations to conduct trainings.

The EMDR Basic Training comprises 2 training workshops, each of 3 day duration, as well as 2 x 5 hours of case consultation, to ensure that the participants optimise their exposure to the practice of EMDR.   Details of each of the requirements for Basic Training 1 and 2 are outlined below.

The EMDRNZ Board is excited to announce a pilot subsidy scheme to encourage Māori applicants to complete Part 1 of EMDR therapy training. 

This $500 subsidy applies only in 2024 to Basic Training part 1 with an EMDRNZ accredited trainer or Year 1 in the Otago University EMDR Special Topic paper


Applicants will apply to the trainer in the usual manner, and once accepted into a training program the trainer will invoice EMDRNZ directly for the subsidy. 

For those enrolled in Year 1 of Otago University Special Topic Year 1 please contact EMDRNZ to arrange reimbursement of the subsidy.


Applicants are required to provide the following information in their application to EMDRNZ (emailed to

  • Iwi they whakapapa to

  • The dates of the training and the trainer's name

  • Workplace/ Organisation / Employment / Self-employed

  • How they heard about the subsidy

  • Confirmation of the enrolment if enrolled at Otago University

Basic Training 1 

  • Basic Training Part 1 takes place over a 3 day period, with each day beginning at 8.30 and finishing at 5pm.

  • The training is intensive and it is recommended that candidates read the textbook 'Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy, Basic Principles, Protocols & Procedures'. 3rd edition (Shapiro, 2018)

  • Basic Training Part 1 focuses on introducing attendees to the Adapted Information Processing Model (AIP), the 8 phases of EMDR therapy and prepares attendees to go back into their workplaces able to conduct EMDR sessions.

  • Attendees must also complete 5 hours of Case Consultation with an Institute Accredited Case Consultant who is also a Facilitator.

  • Attendees must also submit a log of 30 hours completed EMDR client hours to attend Basic Training 2.

Basic Training 2

  • Basic Training Part 2 also takes place over a 3 day period, with each day beginning at 8.30 and finishing at 5pm.

  • Basic Training Part 2 goes back over the AIP and 8 phases of EMDR. It also introduces attendees to more advanced techniques including cognitive interweaves and other tools for working with more complex EMDR cases. 

  • Following the workshop, attendees must complete a further 5 hours of case consultation with an Institute Accredited Case Consultant who is also a Facilitator.

  • Attendees must also submit a log of a recommended 30-35 hours using EMDR client with clients.

Please note that only participants who have attended an accredited EMDR Training Part 1 can attend a Part 2 training.

EMDR Basic Training Certificate of Completion Requirements


Please talk to your EMDR therapy trainer about their requirements.


For the EMDR Institute Basic Training course, to complete the full Basic Training requirements you must have completed the following:

  • Completion of Basic Training Part 1 and Basic Training Part 2, which each consist of a three day course including 10 hrs of didactic and 10 hrs of supervised practice

  • Read the textbook Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy, Basic Principles, Protocols & Procedures. 3rd edition (Shapiro, 2018)


  • Had a total of 10 hrs of case consultation with an EMDR Institute Approved Case Consultant who is also a facilitator. This can be in individual or group format with regular group supervision being offered to ensure the supervision requirements can be met in a timely way.


  • Submitted 2 logs, each of a recommended 30-35 hours, using EMDR Therapy with clients.

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