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EMDRNZ Accredited Trainers

EMDRNZ Accredited Training is provided by the following trainers who are also EMDRNZ Accredited Case Consultants.

For applications for accreditation as a new Trainer (e.g. not accredited with any other EMDR association), the EMDRNZ Board requires evidence of the following:

  • if applicable, confirmation of successful completion of the EMDR Institute (US) Trainer training;

  • membership of EMDRNZ;

  • if not associated with the EMDR Institute (US), click here to see the requirements needed. 

These are in addition to the requirements for the training, as documented here.

Tom Flewett.jpg
Dr Tom Flewett

Dr Tom Flewett is a Generalist Psychiatrist in private practice in New Zealand. He  specialises in treating trauma, addictions, and dissociation. Details of his upcoming  training can be found at

Astrid's photo.webp
Astrid Katzur 

Astrid Katzur is a Clinical Psychologist in private practice in New Zealand. She  specialises in treating trauma, addictions, and dissociation. Details of her upcoming  trainings can be found at

Dr Tal Moore

Dr Tal Moore is a Clinical Psychologist working in Te Whatu Ora and in private practice. Tal is passionate about increasing access to EMDR therapy in Aotearoa, by making the EMDR training available and accessible to therapists across the various health and mental health settings. Information about Tal’s trainings is found here 

MaryAnn Stevens


MaryAnn Stevens has practised as a Clinical Psychologist for over 25 years in public and private settings. She has been astounded by the effectiveness of EMDR with a wide range of clients and loves watching how it liberates people from long term suffering and disability. MaryAnn is providing a full Basic training in Nelson during 2023. See the training section in this website for dates. You can contact her on to book or discuss training needs in other areas.

Vania photo1 (2).jpeg
Vania Miteva


Vania Miteva is an accredited EMDR Trainer and Consultant (EMDR Association Australia; EMDRNZ). She is a registered Consultant Psychologist with 15 years' of experience and over 15,000 face-to-face hours. Over these years, Vania has filled clinical, leadership, facilitating, consultancy, and community roles. Information about Vania's trainings can be found here:

Sigmund Burzynski


Sigmund Burzynski is a Registered Psychologist in Private Practice in Geelong/Australia, who has come to New Zealand to provide EMDR-Institute Trainings for many years. His trainings can been found at

Nick Cocco


Nick Cocco is a Clinical Psychologist in Private Practice based in Sydney/Australia, who has kindly helped out providing a training after the Christchurch Mosques Attacks.


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